The SFP+10G-LR fiber optic transceiver supports data rates of 1 and 10Gbps and has a duplex LC interface. It provides IEEE 802.3 compliant performance for 10GBASE-LR and 1000BASE-LX with an SFP+MSA compliant envelope per SFF-8432. The SFP+10G-LR has a typical reach of 10km over OS2 singlemode fiber at 10GBASE-LR and 5km over OS1/OS2 singlemode fiber at 1000BASE-LX. The SFP+10G-LR has a DFB laser transmitter with a PIN receiver. Operating at industrial temperatures with a link budget above industry standards, the COTSWORKS SFP+10G-LR enables the use of rugged singlemode networking, allowing for the transmission of large amounts of data over great distances in extremely harsh environments. This transceiver is ideal for aerospace, industrial and military tactile applications.

  • Part Number:SFP+10G-LR
  • Data Range:1.25/10.3125Gbps
  • Wavelength:1310nm
  • Channel Configuration:RX/TX
  • Min Optical Power:–9/–4.2dBm
  • Max Optical Power:–3/0.5dBm
  • RX Sens. Max:–20/13.6dBm
  • Operating Temp:–40 to +85°C

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