The SFF/B is a legacy standard form factor transceiver. The SFF/B comes in 2×5 and 2×7 pin configurations with diagnostic capabilities for the device. COTSWORKS offers both multimode and single mode SFF’s in standard duplex, dual transmit, and dual receive configurations.  SFB’s are available bi-directional single-channel configurations. SFF/B transceivers support 100Mbps-3Gbps in single mode, and 100Mbps to 4Gbps in multimode.


Part NumberData SheetData RateFiberWavelengthTXRXP. out MinP. out MaxRx Sens MaxLink Budget MinOperating Temp Range
(Product Page)(Download Datasheet)nmdBmdBmdBmdBAMZS
SFB-G-35Data Sheet1.25GbpsMMF1310/1550FPPIN-60-2216
SFB-G-53Data Sheet1.25GbpsMMF1550/1310FPPIN-60-2216
SFB-M-35Data Sheet155MbpsMMF1310/1550FPPIN-9-3-3122
SFB-M-53Data Sheet155MbpsMMF1550/1310FPPIN-9-3-3122
SFF-4G-SXData Sheet622Mbps-4GbpsMMF850VCSELPIN-5-1-1813
SFF-3G-TX2Data Sheet1-3GbpsMMF850VCSELn/a-5-1
SFF-3G-RX2Data Sheet1-3GbpsMMF850n/aPIN-15
SFF-3G-LXData Sheet100Mbps-3GbpsSMF1310FPPIN-5-1-1813


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