RJ Family

The RJ can operate with LED, VCSEL or FP lasers. Multimode or singlemode cable networks will benefit from the miniature form factor and surface mount leads with screws to mid-or edge-mount the module to the board. A 1×10 or 1×12 pin header connects OEMs to an optional 12C bus for built-in-test functions for accuracy well beyond standards. The RJ accepts an industry standard LC terminus or COTSWORKS’ LC to ARINC801 adapter. 

Part NumberData SheetData RateFiberWavelengthTXRXPout MinPout MaxRx Sens MaxLink Budget MinOperating Temp Range
(Product Page)(Download Datasheet)nmdBmdBmdBmdBAMZS
RJ-10G-SXData Sheet6-10GbpsMMF850VCSELPIN-5-1-11.16.1
RJ-10G-LRData Sheet8-10GbpsSMF1310DFBPIN-5-1-12.67.6
RJ-5G-SXData Sheet1-5GbpsMMF850VCSELPIN-5-1-149
RJ-5G-SX-CData Sheet1-5GbpsMMF850VCSELPIN-5-1-149
RJ-3G-TX2Data Sheet1-3GbpsMMF850VCSELn/a-5-1
RJ-3G-RX2Data Sheet1-3GbpsMMF850n/aPIN-15
RJ-3G-LXData Sheet125Mbps-3GbpsSMF1310FPPIN-51-2015
RJ-3G-EXData Sheet125Mbps-3GbpsSMF1310DFBPIN-13-2019
RJ-3G-ZXData Sheet125Mbps-3GbpsSMF1550DFBPIN-15-2221
RJ-155M-FXData Sheet155MbpsMMF1310LEDPIN-20-14-3313


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