LAC Family

The LAC is an active cable designed for use inside of a LRU (Line Replaceable Unit). It features a separable optical interface for the fiber cable, a compact package for the laser or receiver, and flexible copper cable for the PCB. 

The fiber and copper cables can be made to custom lengths and with available industry standard copper connectors, including pluggable.

Part Number Data Sheet Data Rate Fiber Wavelength TX RX Pout Min Pout Max Rx Sens Max Link Budget Min Operating Temp Range
(Product Page) (Download Datasheet) nm dBm dBm dBm dB A M Z S
LAC-10G-SR-TX Data Sheet 1-10Gbps MMF 850 VCSEL n/a -5 -1
LAC-10G-SR-RX Data Sheet 1-10Gbps MMF 850 n/a PIN -10


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