Our Partners

Great River Technology

Great River Technology is the global leader in ARINC 818 and HOTLink II™ systems. Aerospace engineers worldwide tap our expertise and products to simplify design, implementation, and testing of mission-critical video and data transmission. 

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A materials science company focused on discovery, product innovation and rewarding careers for our Associates. Technology is at the center of Gore’s solutions, particularly expanded PTFE, a versatile polymer that we discovered. Learn how our technology works and why it’s so central to our products.

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Luciol Instruments

Luciol is active in the field of fiber optic measurement and instrumentation. We put our experience and expertise to your service, to provide standard or customized innovative optical fiber instrumentation for different fields of application.

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Kingfisher International

Kingfisher International are specialist designers and manufacturers of precise, accurate handheld fiber optic testers. We recommend their test equipment for use in all phases of fiber optic manufacture installation and maintenance, across: telecom, datacom, wireless, defense, aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, AV, and research.

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