RCP Family

RCP is a multi-channel pluggable optical transceiver. Unique mechanical, electrical, and optical features allow for high speed data transmission at industrial temperatures in a compact package.

The RCP is a pluggable device with an electrical connector and four ARINC 801 optical interfaces. The fiber tray aligns the laser receivers to the cables within the housing.


Part NumberData SheetData RateFiberWavelengthTXRXPout MinPout MaxRx Sens MaxLink Budget MinOperating Temp Range
(Product Page)(Download Datasheet)nmdBmdBmdBmdBAMZS
RCP-10G-SX-DXData Sheet6-10GbpsMMF850VCSELPIN-5-0.8-105
RCP-10G-SX-TXData Sheet6-10GbpsMMF850VCSELn/a-5-0.8
RCP-10G-SX-RXData Sheet6-10GbpsMMF850n/aPIN-10
RCP-5G-SX-DXData Sheet1-5GbpsMMF850VCSELPIN-5-1-149
RCP-5G-SX-TXData Sheet1-5GbpsMMF850VCSELn/a-5-5
RCP-5G-SX-RXData Sheet1-5GbpsMMF850n/aPIN-14-5


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