SpliceWORKS™ is a rugged mechanical splice for harsh environments where the removal of the fiber cable is not an option to repair a break. An on-site repair can be accomplished in less than 30 minutes when used with the field deployable kit which includes the equipment and material to perform the splice. The resulting splice has a pull-force rating equivalent to OEM cable construction, eliminating the splice as a weak or non-compliant point in the cable. Internal temperature and moisture coupon options are available. Each product is individually serialized and laser engraved with custom marking options. Termination kit (available separately) includes all materials required to install and test cable. Field use and cable repair accomplished quickly and only require a kit and a power cord.

  • Weight:<14 grams
  • Fiber Size:1.7 to 2.2mm
  • Fiber Type:ARINC 802 Compliant
  • Op Temp:–55°C to +105°C
  • US Patent Number:10,761,268
  • Insertion Loss:1.0 dB at 850nm

Support Material

SpliceWORKS Datasheet

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Solid Models and Simulation Data available upon request

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