ARINC 801 Singlemode Terminus


The precise construction of the ARINC 801 singlemode terminus makes a suitable choice for the ever-increasing needs of an aerospace fiber optic network. Designed with optical link loss and sensitivity in mind, the ARINC 801 singlemode terminus is a low loss option to handle the increasing number of interconnects found in modern networks. Using industry standard optical wavelengths from 1260-1620nm, the ARINC 801 singlemode terminus can support legacy networks as well as future industry demands. Capable of being integrated with multiple fiber types and construction, the ARINC 801 singlemode terminus supports multiple speeds and protocols with low optical losses. The low back reflection coupled with the ability to utilize an angled polish, leads to higher signal reliability. The relatively small size of the terminus allows for increased density of fiber optic cable runs within a vehicle increasing the bandwidth of the networks without increasing the size or weight of the overall system.

  • Wavelength:1260–1620nm
  • Operation:Singlemode
  • Applications:Mil-Aero/Comm. Aero
  • Ferrule Size:1.25mm
  • Ferrule ID:125.5µm
  • Insertion Loss:0.2dB Typ. per pair
  • Return Loss:>50 dB, >65 dB
  • Polish Type:PC, UPC, APC
  • Fiber Core Size:9/125µm
  • Ferrule:Ceramic (Zirconia)
  • Term. Cmpts:Brass Nickel Alloy
  • Crimp Sleeve:Brass Nickel Alloy
  • Spring:Passivated Stainless Steel

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