COTSWORKS CEO Appointed Chairman of SAE AS-3 Fiber Optics and Applied Photonics Committee

Ken Applebaum, CEO, and Founder of COTSWORKS, INC., has been nominated and has accepted the position of Chairperson for the AS-3 Fiber optics subcommittee of the SAE. Ken’s acceptance took place at SAE’s event in St. Petersburg, FL in June 2023.

The SAE AS-3 Fiber Optics and Applied Photonics committee addresses all facets of fiber optics systems and applied photonics from design, maintenance, training, and testing to interconnects, splicing, inspection, and cleaning. It serves as an industry forum to establish definitions and standards for components and systems approaches to fiber optic data buses.

“I look forward to developing standards and training information to help advance the use of fiber optics in the military and aerospace markets. We have a brilliant network of organizations that connect to help companies and people communicate more effectively in the aerospace market.” commented Mr. Applebaum.

The Fall ASG Meeting will be in San Diego, September 2023.