COTSWORKS, INC., a manufacturer of rugged optical elements including active and passive components, is pleased to announce it is now offering M29504 Style termini for use in plastic optical fiber applications. The COTSWORKS POF M29504 is a pin and socket, ruggedized terminus with an all-metal construction that fits into a standard size 16 receptacle of D38999 circular connectors. The POF M29504 supports usage of 1000μm single core plastic optical fiber, with an insertion loss of less than 1.0dB per terminus. Utilizing the POF M29504, COTSWORKS can directly integrate plastic optical fiber interconnectivity into the deployment of high-performance optical networks.


  • Exterior dimensions and features conform to MIL-PRF-M29504
  • Supports usage of 1000μm single core POF
  • Typical loss per mated pair: 1 dB

For more information on the POF M29504 or other COTSWORKS products, please contact [email protected] or 440.446.8800.

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