COTSWORKS INC, a leading manufacturer of rugged components for optical networking and connectivity in harsh environments, is pleased to announce a schedule update and new configuration of its Essential™ Optical Transceiver. Offering a footprint at half the size of the COTSWORKS RCP, the Essential™ has a 1-10Gbps capability for Tx/Rx or Dual Tx or Dual Rx at IEEE SR versions due to ship to customers in early 2024. Additionally, Essential™ now offers a Bi-Directional version at 1270/1330nm wavelengths. All configurations are capable of operating at 1-10G Ethernet and the equivalent speed in Fibre Channel. The Essential™ transceiver is electrically pluggable via a low-profile electrical mating connector.


  • SOSA aligned opto-electronic duplex transceiver
  • Bi-Directional configuration utilizes 1270/1330nm
    DFB Transmitters and a PIN receiver
  • Dual TX, Dual RX and Duplex configurations utilize
    850nm VCSEL Transmitters and PIN Receivers
  • All configurations comply to IEC-60825-1 Class 1 laser eye safety standards
  • SFF-8472 compliant control and diagnostics monitor interface
  • IEEE compliant operation for 10GBASE-SR and BR10
  • ARINC 801 receptacle fiber interface
  • Board to board electrically pluggable connector
  • Rugged, all metal housing with two captive screws

For more information on the Essential™ or other COTSWORKS products, please contact [email protected] or 440.446.8800.

Essential Transceiver