Taking a Step Back to Work…is a Step Forward

COTSWORKS continues to monitor the impact that COVID-19 has had on our daily lives and business. We are operating with extra health and safety practices in place for all employees while keeping as many staff as feasible working remotely in order to keep our production lines running with the lowest possible risk. We are operating on a revised business plan for 2020 and scheduled updates every two weeks. The aerospace industry of airframers, airlines, lessors, service and maintenance groups, airports…and practically all travel industries have nearly stopped. COTSWORKS has been impacted by this set of events as well.

However, we are seeing more people return to traveling by air and hope to see Boeing safely fly 737 Maxes and 777X planes soon. With these positive signs, COTSWORKS is stepping back to work by introducing a new way of communicating to our community by sharing our multi-year strategic product direction. We are stepping forward with publicly available Product Roadmaps for our Opto-Electronics or Active devices, Interconnects or Passive devices, and Test Equipment on our website. We want to present our vision for a future with better aerospace systems using rugged, dynamic, cost-effective, and more reliable optics and opto-electronics.

Our roadmaps show that we are making changes to the optical engines in almost all of our active product Elements. COTSWORKS has identified more reliable supply chains and developed our own devices where we felt the value of COTSWORKS’ engineering expertise could be maximized. We have designed our own or partnered with industry leaders and experts around the globe to expand our rugged termini and cable Elements. Simplex and Complex Cable solutions have been a part of our business and will be an even larger portion going forward. The test equipment we resell or build and sell has helped us and our customers to ensure the highest quality product is installed in Mil/Aero systems. The new planned products will make testing easier at all parts of the rugged optical network development and deployment.

Surrounding and supporting these three product platforms is the team of approximately 100 employees in Cleveland, OH, and Fulda Germany, who along with our global representatives and supply chain is excited to re-focus on helping change the way airplanes are made with fiber optic technology. Let’s go to work.


Ken Applebaum


Actives Roadmap COTSWORKS (PDF)

Passives Roadmap COTSWORKS (PDF)

Test Devices Roadmap COTSWORKS (PDF)