COTSWORKS is now shipping samples of its RJ-28G Opto-Electronic transceiver. Utilizing the base Platform RJ form factor, the RJ-28G is under 10.0mm in height and roughly half the size of an industry-standard SFP. Operating at 25Gbps for Ethernet and up to 28Gbps for Fibre Channel, this product offers an upgrade path from 10Gbps or even 1Gbps Ethernet and from 8 or 3Gbps (ARINC 818) on Fibre Channel.

Vastly exceeding industry standards, the RJ-28G has a worst-case Tx of -2 dBm and an Rx Sensitivity of at least -11.1 dBm. RS-FEC and FC FEC and CDR lock capability are supported via on-board serial interface enabling support for slower speeds such as 3, 8, 10, 12, and 14 Gbps. The sensitivity of 10Gbps is similar to the RJ-10G module so this part can enable 10Gbps to 25Gbps without link budget penalties.

Power consumption is excellent at about 1 watt connected by 13 pin surface mount connector that was designed with simulation software and testing to ensure the best signal integrity possible in this product. A duplex LC interface supports LC or COTSWORKS LCT, LCR, and LC801 connector adapters.

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Click here to view/download the RJ-28G Preliminary Datasheet (PDF)