COTSWORKS announces a novel ARINC 801 termini, called Lightly™, which includes the insertion/removal function as a part of the fiber optic component assembly. The patented design incorporates a rear-mounted cylinder that auto-engages the ARINC 801 size 16 termini body when inserted and releases the terminus when compressed. Lightly can be installed by hand without the need for an additional tool. Lightly also substantially reduces handling time, improves testability, and eliminates known FOD risks from the well-known blue/white plastic tool or expensive angled metal tool.

Lightly also enables installation or removal of an ARINC 801 termini without requiring a technician to visually see the termini itself, thus improving serviceability in tight spaces.

Additional features:

  • Single Mode or Multimode versions available
  • Compatible with various cable jacket sizes
  • Configurations based on length are available with MIL-DTL-38999, EPX, EN4165, COTSWORKS’ RCP and LC801 adapters and more.

For more information on Lightly™, please contact a COTSWORKS sales representative or visit www.cotsworks.com/lightly