COTSWORKS introduces its newest rugged optical adapter, the LC-T801. This product combines the industry-leading performance of the LC-801 and the LC-T, enabling a toolless removal of the aerospace industry standard ARINC 801 terminus from the installed receptacle. The COTSWORKS LC-T connector is an all-metal construction and ruggedized version of the ubiquitous LC connector used throughout data and telecom applications. The LC-T801 design takes advantage of the 1.25mm ferrule used in an ARINC 801 terminus and LC style connector to adapt a standard LC receptacle into an ARINC 801 receptacle. Utilizing key design features from the LC-T connector, COTSWORKS was able to create an adapter that fits into the RJ and SFF transceiver form factors COTSWORKS produces to support optical communication from 100Mbps to 4Gbps, to 10Gbps and even up to 28Gbps. The LC-T801 now allows for the robustness of the ARINC 801 terminus to interface with these other transceiver chassis to upgrade these interfaces to support the rugged operation of commercial aerospace networks 25Gbps Ethernet or 28Gbps Fibre Channel.


Download LC-T801 Datasheet (PDF)