COTSWORKS announces the general availability of integration services and customized automated in-line rack mounted optical test systems. The company’s Optical Integrated Test (OIT) Platform enables cost-effective testing of optical subassemblies in avionics LRUs at the manufacturing level. The Optical Integrated Test (OIT) Platform offers OEMs the ability to certify the input and output performance of their products with software and hardware that can operate inside of the OEM’s production line.

The OIT Platform can be configured to defined specifications and then test and monitor each port for parameters such as output power or receiver sensitivity. The OIT can function as a standalone go/no-go test or be integrated into a manufacturing test database using predefined Python command scripts making the OIT Platform a cost-effective and efficient test setup for multi-channel avionics assemblies where optical parameters can be captured at the same time as verifying protocol parameters.

  • 2, 4, 12 or 36 port configurations in standard 19” rack 2U
  • User specified port operation, function and performance
  • Modular internal design allows for cost-effective repair options lowering production downtime
  • Built-in cable calibration tools lower frequency of optical fiber referencing
  • API commands for Python scripting
  • Dedicated interface port for PC monitor and control
  • Included Optical interface cleaning supplies

The OIT can operate with an OEM’s protocol test system or COTSWORKS can integrate Bit Error Rate testing, Ethernet analysis and testing, or other industry protocols such as ARINC 818.

Download the OIT Platform Overview

For more information about the Optical Integrated Test Boxes or other COTSWORKS products, please contact [email protected] or 440.446.8800