COTSWORKS is now designing and creating unique optical sub-assemblies in its Fiber Optic Research Center of Excellence. Customer-driven requirements for complex designs of TO cans, custom Ultem or metal caps, and Kovar butterfly packages for hermetic packages are available. Light sources such as VCSELs, Fabry Perot, DFB lasers or LEDs and receivers of a variety of communication and sensing diodes are also available. Unique materials and shapes of submounts, and more, can be designed from a variety of materials including glass and aluminum nitride. The resulting products can be developed over several quarters or years with production and support provided within the USA.

Frank Levinson, board member of COTSWORKS and principal at Phoenix Venture Partners commented: “COTSWORKS’ in-house optical subassembly design and manufacturing capabilities offer today’s leading Mil/Aero OEMs optical products with superior performance to low-cost overseas options, thus having a very positive impact on current supply-chain issues that exist in the optics market.”

Optical design, prototype as well as small and medium volume production of up to 5000 units a year are in process at COTSWORKS today. Additional services, such as fiber tip shaping, lensing and metallization are also available.

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COTSWORKS Custom Optical Sub-Assemblies

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