COTSWORKS, INC, a manufacturer of rugged optical elements including active and passive components, is pleased to announce that the RJ transceiver product platform now supports up to 3Gbps SDI functionality. SDI stands for serial digital interface which is widely used for broadcast video. The SDI video is transmitted without compression, which is required for applications where adjacent pixel interpolation is not allowed and true black and white colors must be used.

The products with SDI are:

The RJ-3G-SDI-TX2 and the RJ-3G-SDI-RX2 supporting SMPTE 424M (3G-SDI) in both dual transmit and dual receive configurations.

The RJ-3G-SDI-LX is a duplex (1TX 1RX) 1310nm version supporting SMPTE 292M (HD-SDI) and SMPTE 424M (3G-SDI).

SDI Features:

    • Support SMPTE 424 & 292M
    • Speeds to 3Gbps
    • Support video optical links for 3G-SDI & HD-SDI
    • Digital Diagnostics available
    • Metal housing for lower EMI
    • Low power dissipation
    • Rugged LC duplex receptacles, including screw mounted OSA’s
    • RoHS Compliant


    • SMPTE 297 compatible optical to electrical interfaces
    • Broadcast cameras
    • High-density video routers
    • Camera to Monitor and Monitor to Camera

COTSWORKS will continue to upgrade and expand its SDI product line going forward with no EOL issues at this time.