SpliceWORKS Product Announcement

COTSWORKS INC, a leading manufacturer in optical networking and connectivity for harsh environments, is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of its splice repair solution SpliceWORKS. SpliceWORKS is ideal for repairing cables in rugged environments offering a simple, safe, and inexpensive solution.

SpliceWORKS was created to provide a durable repair option to an installed fiber cable where cable assembly is difficult to remove. The splice is low loss, environmentally safe, rated to be equivalent to a factory-grade termination, used in conjunction with the COTSWORKS’ splice kit. The kit includes all the tools needed to perform and test a field repair. SpliceWORKS is compatible with commercial and ruggedized fiber cable types and is capable of splicing together fiber optic cables of different construction.


  • Patent-pending rigid, all-metal construction
  • Supports 1.7 to 2.2mm jacketed fiber cables
  • Available for 62.5/125μm, 50/125μm fiber optic cables
  • Internal glass capillary alignment mechanism
  • 0dB Maximum Insertion Loss (850nm VCSEL source)
  • Rated operation –55°C to +105°C, 95% non-condensing humidity
  • Designed for harsh environments (high shock/vibration)
  • Typical processing time is under 30 minutes
  • Cable retention force to exceed 12lbf
  • Termination kit (available separately) includes all materials required to install and test cable to manufacture’s pull-force spec

For more information about this upcoming product release, please contact the COTSWORKS sales team at [email protected] or 440.446.8800.

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