The Lightly™ terminus enhances the Commercial Aerospace de facto standard ARINC 801 terminus by incorporating the insertion/removal tool in the rear termini around the crimp. Lightly ™ can be installed with one hand on the cable and termini body into an ARINC 801 receptacle such as COTSWORKS’ RCP transceiver. Lightly™ was designed to eliminate the need for the M81969/1-03 tool, improving re-work time, testing time, and eliminating the potential for FOD from discarded or lost equipment.

  • ARINC 801 terminus with Insertion/Removal tool
  • Rear-mounted cylinder compresses to terminus
  • Spring-actuated return once tool is engaged
  • Cylinder activating mechanism resides at resting state
  • Standard ARINC 801 size 16 termini body
  • Several length options for use in a variety of connectors
  • Meets and can exceed industrial temperature
  • Increased resistance to constant wear-and-tear
  • Termination: 900µm & 1.6-2.2mm diameter fiber cables
  • Eliminates need for M81969/1-03 insertion/removal tool
  • Reduced FOD concerns
  • Reduces operating & test equipment maintenance costs
  • Meets MIL-STD-883, ARINC 801 shock and vibration

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Solid Models and Simulation Data available upon request

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