COTSWORKS introduces the OptoCube 10Gbps Ethernet Media Converter enabling physical layer conversion from SR, LR, BR, and ZR (including WDM) fiber-optic links to 10Gbps BaseT copper-based ones.  It operates at 2.5, 5, and 10Gbps copper and 10Gbps fiber with very low latency and support for today’s IEEE network protocols. OptoCube can serve as a very important and helpful tool for building rugged optical network lab testing. It supports MSA standard SFP+ transceivers as well as the suite of COTSWORKS’ CWDM and DWDM RJ products.  Rack-mount hardware connects to six units on one shelf. Device and Network activity LEDs and labeling are on the front with fiber, copper, power, and device control via USB on the back.

The OptoCube includes the Optical Element Software (OES)  which can be used to monitor, script, and adjust parameters of the network conversion. Support for COTSWORKS’ other test devices such as the VFL-SFP are included.

Additional features:

  • 10G media converter with built-in diagnostic capabilities
  • Small form factor maximizes portability and ease of usage
  • 10GBASE-X Fiber Interface
  • Network switch support compliant with 802.3ae 10G Ethernet
  • Multimode or Single Mode options
  • 2.5/5/10GBASE-T copper port speeds
  • USB port for link monitoring and Digital Diagnostic
  • Network integration and optical troubleshooting
  • Available with SFP+ or RJ style transceiver configuration

For more information on OptoCube, please contact a COTSWORKS sales representative.