COTSWORKS is pleased to announce the operational launch of FORCE, its Fiber Optic Research Center of Excellence. This USA-based research, development, and low-volume manufacturing facility furthers COTSWORKS’ mission of utilizing unique manufacturing technologies to develop a platform of rugged packages for communication and sensing lasers, as well as receivers, with applications in aerospace, military, and industrial markets.

COTSWORKS began the design and build of this state-of-the-art ISO 7 (Class 10,000) cleanroom in early 2018 with the goal of housing precision optical alignment, encapsulation, and test equipment dedicated for optical semiconductor design, prototyping, and test. The company secured funding and support from the State of Ohio, through JobsOhio, along with numerous key customers and partners. COTSWORKS has built its new 2,200+ square foot facility and completed the acquisition and setup of Phase 1 equipment. This first phase enables the company to design, burn-in, actively align, performance and lifecycle test, and then qualify TO-can based optical sub-assemblies (OSAs). Additional phases of development are planned to enable complete TO-can assembly for Multimode, Single Mode, and Bi-Directional optical assemblies for harsh environment applications.

COTSWORKS has sought to vertically integrate component manufacturing utilized by optical networking manufacturers while aligning with SOSA system requirements needed to support long life cycles and extended support. This alignment also allows COTSWORKS and its partners to continue producing and supporting optical networks well after their commercially available equivalents have ceased support and production due to their industries’ shorter life cycles. COTSWORKS has the capability of supporting all of the SOSA participants with their long-life cycle optical networking needs, as their requirements continue to grow and are further defined.

For more information regarding this announcement, please contact COTSWORKS at (440) 446-8800.