New Offering from COTSWORKS: Fiber Optic Repair Services and Mechanical Splice

COTSWORKS, INC is pleased to announce that it is now offering on-site fiber optic test, repair, and equipment services for military, aerospace, and rugged environments. “Because our products are used in airplanes, rotorcraft, and other military vehicles,” commented CEO Ken Applebaum, “we are now offering support for our products in the field.”

COTSWORKS is able to offer international military and aerospace OEMs quick response on troubleshooting and on-site service to repair fiber optics within vehicles. The service includes a COTSWORKS developed mechanical splice and then test with the following instrumentation and parameters:

  1. Endface Inspection with Fiber Microscope
  2. Geometry measurement with an interferometer
  3. Insertion Loss Measurement

Fiber optic repair service offering includes:

  1. Consultation
  2. Proposal
  3. Repair/Testing
  4. Certification

For more information on fiber optic repair services, mechanical splices or test equipment, contact [email protected]  or 440.446.8800.