COTSWORKS has begun supporting Multimode TOSA’s (transmitter optical sub-assembly), and ROSA’s (receiver optical sub-assembly) designed and qualified within its FORCE facility. All TOSAs and ROSAs have undergone thorough testing to ensure the highest quality opto-electronic performance. The multimode devices were designed to replace legacy products that are no longer being supported by the Datacomm industry operating at 1-10Gbps line rate speeds. CEO and founder, Ken Applebaum, comments that “COTSWORKS is investing in a stable supply chain during this current globalization period to ensure that we can build products used in commercial and military applications today and for many years to come.” The TOSAs and ROSAs have been qualified to meet the performance of previous offerings with long-term lifecycle testing in accordance with the Telcordia GR-468 standard. Test data is available upon request.

COTSWORKS’ TOSAs and ROSAs offer better than industry standard optical, electrical, and mechanical parameters. IEC standards-based alignment and fiber coupling testing are performed on OSAs to ensure link budget needs.

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Download (PDF) Datasheets:

TOSA 850nm 5G

TOSA 850nm 10G

ROSA 850nm 5G

ROSA 850nm 10G: Coming Soon