COTSWORKS has successfully completed the vertical integration of its short-reach (SX/SR – 850nm) multimode TOSA (transmitter optical sub-assembly), ensuring the highest quality optoelectronic performance while creating a dependable supply of this critical component for its main transceiver platform product offerings. These components operate from 1–10 Gbps and are fully controlled, from design to manufacturing, by COTSWORKS with an approved dual-source vendor list for all raw materials and sub-assemblies. These parts have been qualified to meet, and in most conditions exceed, performance of previous comparable offerings with long-term lifecycle testing in accordance with the Telcordia GR-468 standard in process. Test data will be made available upon request.

Having a vertically integrated supply of 850nm TOSAs enables COTSWORKS’ continued support of its military, aerospace, and industrial customers with reliable products for many years into the future. Subsequent strategic initiatives will also vertically integrate 850nm ROSAs, long-reach (LX/LR – 1310nm) single-mode OSAs, and bi-directional OSAs of varying wavelengths.

Additional features:

  • 850nm multimode oxide isolated VCSEL
  • Operates from 125Mbps to 10.3125Gbps
  • Metal TO-46 can package with tilted window
  • Packaged with a back-monitor photodiode
  • Actively aligned into attenuated aerospace-grade Ultem™ LC-receptacle
  • 100% burn-in, performance tested, and visually inspected

For more information on COTSWORKS’ 1–10G 850nm TOSA, please reference the attached datasheet or contact a COTSWORKS sales representative at (440) 446-8800.