COTSWORKS has updated its international business declarations and added new equipment certifications for its IEC and ATEX products. The new certifications include the IECEx Certificate of Conformity and the ATEX EU Type Examination Certificate. These certifications enable COTSWORKS to continue its mission to create a safe workplace and its commitment to minimize the environmental impact of the company.
These updates are found on our website here

COTSWORKS has also updated its Terms & Conditions here.

In our 18th year and growing in size and capability,
COTSWORKS continues to be committed to:

    • Becoming a recognized industry leader in the design and manufacture of rugged optical components and subsystems for harsh-environment networking and sensing applications;
    • Providing customers with on-time delivery of high-quality products and services based on mutually agreed-upon requirements;
    • Continually improving the integrity and effectiveness of the processes of the company through its Quality Management System;
    • Adhering to all applicable industry, safety, statutory, and regulatory requirements.

For more information about COTSWORKS Quality Program contact [email protected].

Download ATEX EU Type Certification

Download IECEx Certificate of Conformity

Download EU Declaration of Conformity

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