The 2024 Opto-Electronic, Interconnect, Test, and Optical Sub-Assembly product platform roadmaps are now available on COTSWORKS’ website. Each Platform has updates to existing products with new features and several exciting new products including high density transceivers.

The first quarter saw the release of a rugged high-performance SFP+ which meets IEEE standards at 1G-LX/SX and 10G-LR/SR, an extended link budget QSFP 28G, a field-use mechanical fiber accessory called SpliceWORKSTM, potted pluggable assemblies including the MT connector, custom optical sub-assemblies paid for by a Tier One OEM, SWDM standards based optical transmitter and receivers, and the Optical Integrated Test Platform and Interposer Boards. Q2 will see the release of the EssentialTM rugged pluggable in several optical configurations and an innovative ARINC 801 termini, The LightlyTM, which includes a keying release mechanism. Releases for the latter part of the year include both single mode and multimode high speed and high-density transceivers.

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Click here to download our 2024 Product Roadmap.

2024 COTSWORKS Product Roadmap