COTSWORKS continues to focus on the expansion and innovation of its product platforms. Our public product roadmaps showcase our development plans for the next two years. These plans include both new product releases as well as ongoing enhancements to our existing platform product offerings. This month we are pleased to announce that we have reviewed and stabilized the sub-component availability for our long-reach opto-electronic transceivers, in particular the RJ-3G-LX and RJ-10G-LR product lines. As the demand for Single Mode devices continues to increase in rugged environments, we take pride in securing a stable supply chain of components that provide long-term support and reliability for our optical transceivers. Timothy Nevin, Director of Strategic Initiatives, commented: “We strive to continuously qualify additional sources for our products’ key components. Lasers, receivers, and their driver ICs are just a few examples of components we have secured for our 1310nm platform, enabling it to operate with FP and DFB lasers, and Tier 1 semiconductor suppliers for decades to come.” Click the links below to download our Product Roadmaps and Datasheets.

Download 2021 Opto-Electronic Product Roadmap (PDF)

Download 2021 Interconnect Product Roadmap (PDF)

Download 2021 Test Equipment Product Roadmap (PDF)

Download RJ-3G-LX Datasheet (PDF)

Download RJ-10G-LR Datasheet (PDF)